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Our Story

Evergreat Industrial Ltd. was established in Kano State Nigeria in 1996 manufacturing plastic bags for a variety of applications. 22 years on, Evergreat has developed into a high quality manufacturer of a broad range of specialised flexible packaging products.

Frustrated with the high cost and long wait times of getting quality and on time polythene and packaging products delivered to our numerous customers, we had to look for a way to get our jobs done in a better and fastest way as possible in order not to disappoint our customers and other corporate organizations we represent. Therefore, on 3rd January, 1996 Evergreat Industrial Ltd. started its operations. The company which started as a small scale business ventures then has grown to become a household name in Nigeria and beyond. The company is well situated on its permanent site with a multimillion Naira office complex. Comprising of world-class equipment to aid quality productions.

Evergreat manufactures superior quality environmental friendly flexible plastic packaging materials for food use, non-food use and heavy-duty industrial packaging use through use of solvent free laminator, down gauging and practice of 3Rs – Reduce, Recover & Recycle.

We're Corporate!

Evergreat Industrial Ltd. was incorporated on 3rd January 1996 to instil a corporate image as a good flexible plastic packaging solution provider and in product innovation and also to further expand our business for local and oversea markets. We are now principally involved in the manufacture and sale of plastic packaging, sales of raw materials and consultancy services.


To enrich people’s lives by providing access to a wide variety of safe and affordable products through sustainable packaging materials.

To become a world class market leader in our segment by providing innovative solutions for our customers, generating the best return in the industry and becoming the best place to work for our employees.


Our Values

  • Integrity - Honesty, transparency, ethics, and accountability are at the heart of everything and anything we do. We will not sacrifice integrity for profit or look the other way when faced with questionable situations. We are committed to maintaining high ethical standards at all times
  • Respect and teamwork -We provide a safe and healthy work environment for our team members. We treat everyone with respect and dignity. We cherish our diverse team and encourage new ideas and thinking.
  • Improvement -We are committed to providing improved products and services to our customers. We continuously search for new and better ways of doing things – one small step at a time.
  • Servant Leadership -We work to serve the needs of our customers and team members. We lead by example and believe in serving the ones we lead.

Why Choose Evergreat?

Reliable, innovative, & cost-effective flexible packaging, delivered on time, with the support of responsive packaging engineers and the best customer service in the industry.

For 22 years, Evergreat has been a trusted supplier of high-quality customized flexible packaging. Specializing in flexible packaging, polythene products, and raw materials, we serve customers in a variety of industries.
Evergreat has earned a reputation in the industry for manufacturing flexible packaging that performs reliably and consistently. We offer exceptional expertise in developing polythene products.

Many flexible packaging suppliers claim to offer the best customer service, but our high customer retention, high customer satisfaction scores, and many testimonials offer proof that the level of service we provide is truly different.
Our company’s culture revolves around offering the best service. You'll have the security of knowing you can trust your packaging supplier's promises, and the confidence of truly knowing your flexible packaging is going to arrive on time and perform consistently. You’ll receive reliable flexible packaging, on time, with frequent updates throughout the process, and no unpleasant surprises.

At Evergreat, you’ll find a trusted packaging partner and problem solver. We offer vast technical expertise combined with personalized, one-on-one technical support. Our responsive packaging and process engineers are easily accessible for all of our customers.
Our flexible packaging experts will listen carefully to your needs and engineer packaging film rollstock customized for your products’ unique formulations, projected life cycles, distribution methods, and filling equipment.
We also provide a wide array of complimentary technical services to our customers, including:
- Ingredient list analysis
- Pouch prototyping
- Product/package compatibility testing
- Reverse engineering (material breakdown -
- Tear testing & burst testing
- On-site technical support

If other flexible packaging suppliers have ever let you down, we’re here to help. Many of our customers have sought us out after being disappointed by their previous suppliers and learning about Evergreat through word-of-mouth recommendations. Our “written-in-stone” lead times and consistent quality keep our customers choosing Glenroy for years or even decades.


Our Commitment to Our Customers

Companies and customers alike, need to trust the people with whom they do business. We know as a customer you expect honest, straightforward interactions where your voice is heard. As a company we work to inspire brand loyalty and deliver satisfaction while trying to understand you better.
Along with open, authentic communication comes the mutual responsibility to make it work. By adopting these five practical measures, we can together realize the benefits of our business relationship. 

  • As a company we promise to be human, avoid quarrels, harsh answers, and corporate doublespeak. As a customer we ask that you be understanding and show the same respect and kindness to our company reps that you would like shown to you.
  • As a company our employees are enthusiastic and express a personal touch. As a customer we ask that you too reciprocate the gesture, and work to build a positive long-term reputation with our company.
  • As a company we anticipate that problems will occur and set clear, public expectations in advance for how we will correct them. As a customer we ask you to recognize that problems will occur, and give company the information and time required to fix them.
  • As a company we will cultivate a public dialog with our customers so they feel they are being heard and to demonstrate our accountability. As a customer we ask you share issues directly with our company and give us the opportunity to respond, so we can work with you to resolve problems.
  • As a company we promise to demonstrate good intentions by speaking plainly, earnestly, and candidly with you about problems that may arise. As a customer we ask you give our company the benefit of the doubt, and be open to what we have to say.

What We Do


Extrusion Films

Evergreat blown film lines are downward extrusion water quenched universal application film lines to produce various combinations of PP and PE grades tailored to customer's specific requirements.


Gravure Pri nting

Evergreat Rotogravure Printing press is applied on flexible packaging, aluminium, secrity applications, foil, labels, sleeves, etc. Our Gravure printing press is used to print


Flexographic Printing

Assisted with massive industry understanding, we are engaged in offering Flexographic Printing Service. Provided services are hugely treasured due to its on time execution and cost affordability.


Raw Materials

Evergreat Industrial provides ranges of raw materials to other Polythene companies to ease the stress of soucing, shipping of raw materials from outside the country. 



Evergreat offers ranges of machinery for sale to aid you in your vision of having a polythene and flexible packaging business.



We also offer technical consultancy about poly products. Setting up a poly products business and all other business ideas based on our several years of experience. We assure you that you are in safe hands.

Our Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities are installed with the state-of-art machinery to cope with the increasing demand for its products and to increase variety of other specialised or customised products. With further investment on printing machine and solvent free lamination machine, bag making machines and high extrusion machine with automatic thickness control and internal bubble control systems, we are aiming to become a leading integrated flexible packaging materials manufacturer and exporter.

Our Administrative Block

Our Factory Complex

Our Gravure Printing Machine

Our Logistic Means

We welcome your next packaging challenge. Put our 22 years of experience in flexible packaging and polythene products to work for you.

Head Office:

Km 35, Abuja-Keffi Expressway,
Angwan-Tofa, Karu LGA,
Nasarawa State, Nigeria.
Tel: +2348025250552, +2348150745053


76, Independence Road
Dakata Industrial Layout, Kano,
Kano State, Nigeria.
Tel: +2348113973327 


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